“You have no right,” said Madeline, in a voice which was low and trembling, “to say that he is not an honourable man.”

“If he has sent me this—and who else{183} could have sent it?—how can I ever believe in him more? He paid his creditors only 15s. in the pound, and got credit for having kept back nothing—while all the while—— How,” cried Gervase, walking about the room with hasty steps, “how can I use money— 부천휴게텔 that has been so procured?”

Two hasty tears fell from Madeline’s eyes. “Oh, this is too much,” she said to herself quickly—but Gervase was too much taken up with his own emotions to observe hers, and she dried the tears with a hurried hand.

“Gervase,” she said, in a tone which was not without slight traces of exasperation, “you have at least paid all your father’s debts—in full.”

“Thank heaven!” he said.

“Well, how do you know he has not{184} heard of that, and—and pays you back like this? Much more likely than that he knew you had special occasion for the money. How should he know? But he would hear you had paid his debts, and he gives it you back.”